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TOBLO and PET Bike Racks

The increasing importance of the use of bicycles for short journeys within towns and cities, especially small and medium ones, has meant implementing cycle paths and dedicated parking areas by local government.
It is with this in mind that we created our PATENTED bike rack.
It is a very robust article that incorporates all the qualitative characteristics of our unique mixture of concrete.
For this reason it is very resistant to wear and vandalism that increasingly occur in our cities.
The slots are four for a total length of 2 meters, and they are easily stored even if they are bikes that have wide handlebars such as mountain bikes.
You can have in the TOBLO central version with the possibility of inserting bicycles on both sides or the PET side version with the possibility of insertiing them on one side only.
They are also available in the floral version with two slots on the sides of the flower vase.
It is also possible to compose FORT BIKE fences to store bicycles safely.
They can be finished with superficial paint in various RAL colors or with split and washed gravel.


Toblo and Pet concrete Bike Racks

Are u looking for Cement bicycle parking stands? TecnoTre is based in Verona, Italy, and for over 30 years our urban furniture and safety systems have been used to address specific needs such as:
- road and construction safety
- protection of industrial plants
- fencing systems
- traffic barriers

City Lounge is our brand dedicated to urban furnishing and decor. All our products feature technically advanced characteristics and, in addition, environmentally friendly design.

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Toblo and Pet concrete Bike Racks | Cement bicycle parking stands