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Pillo Mobile Street Lamp

Thanks to continuous evolution in the field of lighting, we have combined our concrete base with a weight of 730 Kg with a LED lighting body with an integrated rechargeable battery that last 10 hours and solar panels.
In this way we can offer a mobile light moved using a forklift without the need to connect to mains electricity. The height of the pole that supports the lamp is 5 meters in order to obtain an illuminated area of ​​8 meters in diameter. In addition, the motion sensor enables the lamp to go into full light mode when people or vehicles pass by. Naturally it is equipped with a twilight sensor and a remote control to change the various settings.
They can be finished with superficial paint in various RAL colors or with split and washed gravel.


Pillo Mobile solar street lamp with concrete base

Are u looking for Rechargeable street lights solar? TecnoTre is based in Verona, Italy, and for over 30 years our urban furniture and safety systems have been used to address specific needs such as:
- road and construction safety
- protection of industrial plants
- fencing systems
- traffic barriers

City Lounge is our brand dedicated to urban furnishing and decor. All our products feature technically advanced characteristics and, in addition, environmentally friendly design.

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Pillo Mobile solar street lamp with concrete base - Rechargeable street lights, solar