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Bollards and Barriers

If you do not like visually obtrusive bollards you can choose the family of mini new jersey barriers. If there are handling problems, we have created a barrier that can be moved manually with a pallet truck.
If, on the other hand, you require a more substantial barrier, our MAGNUM weighing 1 ton per meter is the ideal solution.
The surface finishes can be paint in various RAL colors or covering in split and washed gravel.


Concrete safety barriers and bollards by City Lounge

TecnoTre is based in Verona, Italy, and for over 30 years our urban furniture and safety systems have been used to address specific needs such as:
- road and construction safety
- protection of industrial plants
- fencing systems
- traffic barriers

City Lounge is our brand dedicated to urban furnishing and decor such as bollards, barrier, floral barriers, bicycle racks, benches as well as mobile lighting systems.They all feature technically advanced characteristics and, in addition, environmentally friendly design.

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Concrete safety barriers and bollards by City Lounge