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Cable-free illumination of dark areas

The need to illuminate particularly sensitive areas is increasingly important. The work necessary to bring electric current more and more demanding. With our proposal we can propvide light where needed without any particular intervention: just position our PILLO mobile street light with a forklift and you're done.


Cable-free illumination of dark areas

Looking for mobile rechargeable street lights? TecnoTre is based in Verona, Italy, and for over 30 years our urban furniture and safety systems have been used to address specific needs such as:
- road and construction safety
- protection of industrial plants
- fencing systems

Our brand is dedicated to urban furnishing and decor such as bollards, barrier, floral barriers, bicycle racks, benches as well as mobile lighting systems.They all feature technically advanced characteristics and, in addition, environmentally friendly design.

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Cable-free illumination of dark areas mobile rechargeable street lights