Aesthetic care for integration into the surrounding environment


Cycle paths

Cycle paths have long played an important role in the urban road network. Their creation and consequent safety and visible delimitation are therefore relevant aspects in planning and execution of these urban infrastructures. It is also possible to compose FORT BIKE fences to store bicycles safely.


Parking lots

TECNOTRE Central MINI NEWJERSEY barriers, thanks to their non-impacting dimensions are ideal for delimiting parking lots, pedestrian walkways, fences, roundabouts, etc. The many particular elements such as the reduced, the terminals, the angular and those with plate to screw in the poles of gates, ensure wide versatility and completeness to meet all specific needs.


Anti-instrusion barriers

Over the past few years the reason for the use of impact resistant barriers has radically changed. In addition to preventing parking in certain areas, more and more are being used to prevent the intrusion of unauthorized vehicles into areas reserved for events and / or gatherings. Thanks to their very high resistance, our new jersey barriers are ideally suited to these areas.


Cable-free illumination of dark areas

The need to illuminate particularly sensitive areas is increasingly important. The work necessary to bring electric current more and more demanding. With our proposal we can propvide light where needed without any particular intervention: just position our PILLO mobile street light with a forklift and you're done.




For more than 30 years our barriers have been used to solve problems related to road safety and construction.


With its surface finish in split and washed gravel, we propose our barriers for use in areas where aesthetics must be well integrated into the surrounding environment.


Our concrete is classified as "HIGH PERFORMANCE AND HIGH RESISTANCE" having characteristics that are abundantly SUPERIOR to those that characterize other barriers on the market.

Resistance and duration over time

Our barriers, thanks to their intrinsic characteristics, such as resistance to very high compression (Kg / cmq 600) and class of exposure XS3 and XF4, offer a guarantee of resistance to impact and durability over time.


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